Anonymous asked: Keep smiling and be happy. You're smile is amazing πŸ‘ Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Thank you 😘 most def put a smile on my face ❀️.

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You say I never cared and that I never remembered. But I can talk about the days we had spent for hours not missing a moment. The good and bad.

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You can’t say that I never tried. I waited for you for TWO years and nothing every happened. Our encounters were so blunt, I just wished the conversations were more meaning full. I loved you and you just never realized it. I will always love you no matter what, my heart will always be with you. But happiness is what I need in my life..

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Anonymous asked: Hey!?!?!

Hello?…. Lol

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Missed having that feeling of staying up all night til the the sun rise.

Ain’t nothing but chill vibes and him holding me all night. A man that finally watches scary shit with me. A man that is able to keep a conversation going.

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For real✌

Bye πŸ‘‹πŸ˜’

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